Our Experience at The National Wedding Show

6 November 2019

This past month of September was a special one as The Wedery attended UK’s biggest wedding show of the year. 

It was our first time taking part in an international fair and as you can imagine, the experience was incredible, nonetheless exhausted and nerve-racking. The Wedery took advantage of this incredible opportunity in order to meet with a lot of clients that were interested in having their destination wedding in Spain. The National Wedding Show became the perfect platform for our wedding planning company to flourish and show all its potential places, services and most importantly our values.

The National Wedding Show_The Wedery

In the fair we met up with different suppliers, stationery agencies, photographers, florists, caterers and even had the pleasure to witness a spectacular catwalk show, where we checked out the talented bridal designers and learned from the latest bridal trends.

Born in the mediterranean, from The Wedery we wanted to show everyone all the experiences one could live by celebrating their wedding at a foreign country such as Spain, where the sun shines more than 300 days a year. The National Wedding Show most definitely had everything you needed to plan a wedding and we can’t stress enough what an incredible adventure it was to be a part of it. 

We learned english couple’s tastes, customs, habits and the beauty of it all is that we mixed both cultures in order to plan ahead a special wedding. 

Are you ready to live a unforgettable experience?

Join us!

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