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3 January 2022














We are really excited that after several months of hard work, we have managed to finish our catering project.

As many of you know, although we work with hotels and restaurants along the Mediterranean coast, our parent company focuses mainly on catering. Through this company we have organized thousands of weddings, cocktails, company events, coffees, etc., and in this way, we have also met the best professionals in this industry. In fact, it cannot be said today that we work with suppliers, but, because of the volume of work and trust that we have acquired, they are now part of The wedery team !!!

But today what most interests us is for you to get to know about the catering company. It is going to offer quality cuisine that is based on the Mediterranean diet, using the best raw materials. The aperitif cocktail will be served in areas that include decoration  and a “ chiringuito “ with a wooden sign and lighting, which will absolutely amaze our guests!

Apart from working with a good menu and decorated spaces, we’d like to show off our drinks area. You can have a traditional open bar or have an open bar top which consists of a bar with lighting, cocktails, spices, and some drinks with a very cool presentation.

And finally, we must also tell you that it ‘s going to be a completely sustainable company. We have spoken with our chefs and our suppliers so that sustainability can form the basis of our project.  We are also going to collaborate with the company @sealoversup_collection, so we recommend you take a look at their Instagram profile- They are doing fundamental work with our Mediterranean sea.

Through our digital ecosystem, we will provide you with information on menus, venues, decoration, sustainability and inspiration.

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