Wedding Planner in Spain


  At The Wedery we are spanish wedding planners. We work to make that your wedding will be perfect and unforgetable. Our experienced team will take care of every single detail to make that you will have the wedding that you dream about. Looking for a wedding planner in Spain? Just contact with us and we will start working in your day.
Luisa M

Luisa M

“The ideal venue? She knows it, and if not, she finds it”


He studied Labor and Business Relations at the University of Alicante.

She´s been working for more than 10 years dedicated to the world of events. It began with a caterer who worked the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean, then she studies Wedding consultant in Madrid and San Antonio (Texas, USA). All these years and experiences have enabled her to meet the best suppliers in the industry in addition to the most emblematic of our Mediterranean places. And now she shares it with everyone in The Wedery for unique weddings.

María José

María José

“She is only satisfied when everyone say the same ; Unforgettable!!”


Expert in Protocol and Ceremonial and events at the University of Elche , passion and enthusiasm are the words can describe her.every wedding make her involvement is maximized.

working in Dalua Catering for 6 years she has had the opportunity to organize weddings in all sorts of places , all fabulous. Exclusivity remains its highest . It handles all services with the aim of achieving , for the groom and bride and all their guests , that great day , it becomes an unforgettable day.



“Only the best, that's her motto”


She has worked in restaurants in many places in Spain. But it was in Martin Berasategui where, working in the section banquets, she learned a working method that is her guide. I have also worked in Italy making fruits and vegetables carved.

Today is head chef at Dalua catering, where it ensures that our customers eat quality raw material. Her obsession is to care preparation very much, so that the result is an exceptional wedding.



“He is able to transform a dream, whatever, something sweet”


Pastry chef in Dalua where , as in cooking, his philosophy is to work with raw material quality and maximum care much their treatment and processing.

Its main and well known dessert is milhoja, made with Madagascar vanilla cream and puff pastry invested, also mounted in front of the guests, which is a great attraction.

They also have much success their panettone and chocolate sculptures with the names of the bride and groom.

- Best confectioner of Europe and America 2000

- Representative of Spain in Lyon with chocolate sculptures

- 4-position in the World Pastry Cup 2005

- He is currently writing a book to be published worldwide in 2016.

- Speaker at national and international conferences. Bolivia, Mexico and Las Vegas in 2016.