Civil Ceremony

22 April 2019
More and more people are choosing to hold the ceremony and the reception in the same venue for the convenience of the guests - they don´t have to move form place to place.   Each venue offers a choice of area for the civil ceremony - under the trees, next to pool, near a lake, in a garden,.... our staff  will be happy to advise you on this.   Below you can see images of one type of ceremony. Each couple choose the decoration that like more.   I hope you enjoy whit the next pictures Photographer : Miriam Alegria Wedding planner : Eterna Prometida 1001-miriamalegria-1581001-miriamalegria-931001-miriamalegria-871001-miriamalegria-1121001-miriamalegria-100 1001-miriamalegria-82 1001-miriamalegria-77  

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