Wood decoration

13 January 2021

Today we are going to talk about the trends that are in fashion for   this 2021.


This wedding was made in 2019,  today is the kind of wedding  most of our clients are requesting us.


We mix the wood in the furniture, both on the tables and chairs, and also in some “ chiringuito” that we use in the cocktail, all of together with the lilac, rose, White and green tones on the arregements  flowers. As well is very fashion to give a  tone with the glasswate in lilac tones.


If we also add the lightin, some area with signs and flower decoration with wooden boxes we will get a vintage enviroment. Everything is fashion to 2021.


Decoration : @unatiquismiquis

Venue: @siempreverde

Organization and coordination : @thewedery


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