In this post we show you some details that are complicated to offer and although they are very small,the brides and the guests value a lot. They are totally personalized and they are handmade and most of them at the last moment, When we give fruit bags to the guests or we mark the names of the tables in the fruits, and more details that we show below. Here we want you to know that in The Wedery we often talk with the bride and groom and we make come true even the slightest wishes that they have   We are waiting for you Dalua_MG_6130 Dalua_MG_6139 Dalua_MG_6153 Dalua_MG_6166 Dalua_MG_6179 Dalua_MG_6182 Dalua_MG_6192 Dalua_MG_6195 Dalua_MG_6219 Dalua_MG_6226 Dalua_MG_6237 Dalua_MG_6243 Dalua_MG_6256 Dalua_MG_6260    

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