The secret of why you'll fall in love with Spain

7 September 2020

Getting married abroad is always an adventure that you will never forget, but getting married in Spain is a safe bet. Spain has breathtaking landscapes, warm weather and delicious food, so why not incorporate all these elements on your wedding day?

Cortador de Jamón Serrao - The Wedery

At The Wedery we have a wedding planner service that can help you organize your wedding, guiding you to choose the best wedding venue in Spain.  We have private beach wedding venues and Rustic Spanish Wedding Venues such as El Roalet de Kiko.

If you prefer, you can get married in a Spanish finca such as El Torrero, Maria Ana or Torre Bosch.

El Roalet de Kiko The-Wedery-Torre-Bosch-h11 The-Wedery-Finca-El-Torrero-h4

Our wedding planners will also help you with the wedding catering. We have highly qualified chefs who can prepare innovative dishes without leaving tradition behind: jamón serrano, cheese, wine... everything you can imagine!

If you want an unforgettable wedding, Spain is your perfect destination


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