Why to get married in Spain?

23 March 2020



They say that marriages are made in heaven, but the furthest you need to travel is here to Spain. Discover our reasons to get married in Spain and be ready to fall in love with our country.


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Imagine getting married in Spain: it will be exotic, romantic, and rich with culture. There are so many aspects that give Spanish weddings a different flare! From the delicious cuisine to the charm of Spanish traditions enjoying the mediterranean warm weather, it’s not hard to see why.

If you are still dobting about it,  here you can find enough reasons to come to Spain and marry the person of your dreams. Spain will provide a lifetime memories for you and your guests:



  • If you’re all into celebrating and partying, there is no better place than Spain to do it. Spanish “fiestas” are fun, wild and energetic.
Weddings in Spain



  • How can we forget about the location! The venue for your big day is everything, and you best believe that Spain has ton of gorgeous and breathtaking options to choose from.  There is literally an array of choices to pick from. Whether you’re into beach weddings, forest weddings, rustic churches or even more traditional settings, there are no limits when it comes to extraordinary locations for your big day. Spain has wedding venues to suit all budgets and tastes, you can find castles, sun, sand and sea, palm trees and nature, and much more.
Spanish Wedding Venue



  • Spain has so much more to offer than just spectacular scenery, it guarantees plenty of sunshine and good weather! It promises stunning coastal views with tropical climate, perfect for a special event such as a wedding. It usually warms up as early as April, specially when it comes to the mediterranean coast where The Wedery is located!
Fuente Berrocal-63



  • Glorious food! Where to even begin! Mediterranean food is a delicatessen. You’ll try the sensational and freshest food you’ll ever taste. From tapas to the famous and incredible “jamon iberico”
Cortador de Jamón Serrao - The Wedery



  • Don’t forget about the drinks! To accompany all this delicious food comes the sweet cocktails, traditional fine wine and the “open bar” concept spaniards love so much.
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  • The party isn’t over. Getting married in Spain usually means a big party with great entertainment. Traditional dances such as flamenco dancing will give your wedding a unique twist. Not to mention the incredible latin music that won’t let your feet stop from dancing.
Flamenco Wedding The Wedery


  • When choosing to get married abroad, you’re not just looking for a great venue, you’re also looking for a great place to spend a couple of days before or after the ceremony. The mediterranean coast offers many fun leisure and cultural activities. From windsurfing in the beautiful coastline to sailing and watching the sunset, all the way to wandering around beautiful ancient castles or seeing typical spanish live music concerts and shows.
Spanish Wedding

Let your special day be a truly breaktaking day. Weddings in Spain mean Weddings in paradise, and weddings in paradise are just your perfect wedding!

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