Supporting the reforestation of the Amazon

13 April 2020

These days of confinement at home have made me see, or rather realize the "positive" impact COVID-19 is having on our planet. I’ve seen videos of dolphins swimming in the crystal clear waters of Venice, a wild boar in the middle of the ramblas in Barcelona, and animals entering the cities. The news tell us that the levels of C02 have dropped immensely and that levels of oxygen have grown.

Because of all this positive information and due to the fact that I have more time between hands to read among other things, I looked upon the Sustainable Development Goals, developed by the United Nations to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. I started implementing actions from section 13, which included small gestures such as not preheating the oven or taking showers of between 5 to 10 minutes. This section specifies diferent actions to combat climate change.

These measures do not cost a thing and without noticing we would be serving the planet at other levels.

Sustainable Development Goals - The Wedery

We all know that it is a movement in which young people have a fundamental role. In my case it was my 15 year old daughter who encourage me by saying:

"Mom, you have to make The Wedery an Eco company and collaborate against climate change"

Because of this, I got inspired to do the same we were doing in my family but with my company. The Wedery wants to become a certified Green destination wedding planner. We want to always look for opportunities or at least offer eco-friendly choices for our clients weddings. We want our passion to be a sustainable option for couples who also have a passion for saving the planet.

FACT: Did you know that the average wedding produces 400lbs of garbage? And emits roughly 14.5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere? Now considering that the average person emits 12 tons in a year, that’s quite a considerable amount to reach for just one day.

This numbers shocked me and motivated me to become a more responsible wedding professional, who wants to actively try to reduce the industries environmental impact and help steer my clients in a more sustainable direction. The Wedery wants to become part of this circle of change.

We want also to encourage and find ways for our clients to recycle such as renting items instead of purchasing things that will just get thrown out. We want to offer as a eco wedding planner company, biodegradable products. In this line, all our wedding minutes are made with recycled paper. In addition, we are using LED lights in all our lighting decoration of our weddings, reducing the levels of energy consumption and achieving the same performance.

In addition, The Wedery wants to go one step further by collaborating in donation with the Oxizonia project. A donation of 100€ will be allocated from each wedding to support the reforestation of the Amazon, the lungs of our planet. In addition, if the bride and groom wish, The Wedery's collaboration with the guests can be announced in case they also want to contribute.

Below you will find more information and a video about the project:

  The Wedery - Climate ChangeOxizonia The WEdery The Wedery - Oxizonia 2 The Wedery - Oxizonia

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