The main ingredient for any wedding to seem special, unique and unforgettable is personality

4 February 2020

The main ingredient for any wedding to seem special, unique and unforgettable is personality. Wedding planning wouldn't be as exciting if it didn't feature personalized and customized touches. Different couples have different tastes and no two marriages are alike. So why should a wedding not be as unique as the couples they celebrate?

At The Wedery we put all our passion in making your special day as memorable as possible. We pay close attention to decoration and detail. With so many wedding trends becoming increasingly popular,  it's important that couples find new ways to differentiate their big day, and here is where we come in!

CustomizeYourWedding_The Wedery

Today we are going to talk about “all things food and drinks”. Your menu is a great first step in customizing your day! As inspiration, think of what type of restaurants you like to go to or what you like to have on date nights. From there on it's all about accessorizing. Let your menus tell your story! create custom menus for the groom and bride illustrating different moments of your relationship. Add personal elements like destination places that are meaningful to you and your family. We love to design little logos that speak to the couple and use them everywhere, there's no limits! The same with cocktail menus, we love to include creative names to original drink recipes. 

Get to know more about our services and feel free to contact us to get more information. We are here to help you make your celebration a day you won't forget! No one apart from you, will love you wedding more than us!

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