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10 June 2019
Hello there! I want to start by telling you that ´Ive made my liffe diferent nowadays a life in U.K because I want to show English couples the wonderful and diferets weddings that we arrange making in the Mediterranean Sea.I I´d like to give you all my knowledge of Spain, translation beautiful places, food,.. and all services that you need. At the moment I´m living in Canterbury, it´s a wonderful city near London and the aerport. I love the gardens, the old buildings, the boat trips on the river, the cathedral,.. it´s a fairytale city. Here I´m learning a lot  about English culture, habits, topics,... I want to know you very well so I can adapt both cultures. CATEDRAL 01 CATEDRAL 02 COMERCIO 01 279010-svetik 282753-svetik 279010-svetik

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