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25 May 2021


There aren’t any big changes regarding the makeup that we had last year, but there will be a consolidation of current trends. These are the keys to beauty that we are seeing for this year, and they will be essential for 2021 make-up.

Natural make up:  the main step is to have perfect and well-balanced skin for make-up to be radiant and flawless. Brides will look luminous, with natural skin that has a moist and healthy appearance and with a much more subtle contouring. Cream highlighters, sun powders, nude shades and lip glosses will be the star cosmetics for your wedding day.

  • Effortless makeup with a minimal finish. Gone is full coverage foundation. In 2021 bridal make-up, we will see supple and translucent skins. Of course, depending on the needs of each skin, makeup can be applied in layers to cover imperfections. We speak then of foundations that are not covering but correcting.
  • Smoked nudes. If we talk about shades, smoky tones are a bride’s preference. Next year, dark colours (neither black nor grey) will no longer take the lead. Bridal make-up for 2021 will be softer, with orange tones, earth colours, beiges, pinks,….. And full of light!!! To give skin this natural and luminous appearance; a glossy finish will be chosen rather than a matte finish.
  • Highlighter in strategic areas. Cream or liquid highlighters are the best option, since they integrate better with the skin and give it a more natural finish, but which zones is the highlighter applied to and how?

If you want your make-up to be natural, you only need to know where to apply the highlighter. You can add highlights to the darker areas of your face: under your eyes, your eyebrows, on your cheekbones and on the side of your nose, so you will get a fresh and light-filled look. Light up specific parts to enhance your beauty. If you want to correct imperfections, apply over dark rings under the eyes or on small spots. If you want to illuminate your face, apply on the forehead, nose, and cheekbone. You can also apply some to the corner of your eyes which will give them an added touch of light, although your eyes will have their own natural glow on your wedding day.

Highlighter is used to revitalize your skin. It can transform your tired face in a few moments. Highlighter will make your bridal makeup look more brilliant and your face will be full of light throughout the day, because these highlights are super flattering. Highlighter is a must-have for your dressing table and for your 2021 bridal makeup!!


  • Mascara or eyelashes on demand. Normally, we look for a mascara or eyelashes that can create a spectacular change to your look, giving you long full lashes. The problem is that not just any mascara will achieve the desired effect, and for this reason, sometimes brides wear false eyelashes. If you want beautiful eyelashes, it is best to choose ones that look natural, and not excessive. Hair by hair eyelashes will look perfect with our 2021 bridal make-up. The best thing to do in this case is to follow the recommendations of professionals. They will explain which eyelashes will best suit your face and which false eyelashes brides usually use.
  • Fluffy eyebrows. This is one of the most important trends in bridal makeup. Nowadays all women’s eyebrows are perfectly shaped. For you to have thick, dense eyebrows, using an ultra-fine pencil, we fill hairless areas by drawing in each hair to achieve a natural look.
  • Covid has had a negative effect on lip makeup, since wearing a mask everyday has changed our habit of using it. But how can we imagine a bride with without lip makeup? Glossy lips are a trend in brides’ makeup for 2021. What better than the glow and shine from glossy lips? We have already seen this in the latest weddings, but it won´t be until 2021 when brides lips will be more hydrated than ever. The wet look is the one to have.

And if you are a daring bride, do not hesitate, red is your color !!!

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