Leisure and entertainment at destination weddings

7 May 2020

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, everyone’s expectations for entertainment and leisure are always really high.

As for the Mediterranean coast, there is a wide range of leisure activities to take part in and make your guests extra happy!

Cities such as Altea and San Juan in Alicante are made up of magical settings for both the couple and the guests to enjoy an unforgettable experience. These destinations offer enchanting and breathtaking views and landscapes, historical tours, exciting nightlife and tastings of the best cuisine, local wines and more.

Photo: Altea - Author: Diego Coello - www.alteadigital.es

Beautiful beach scenery calls for a relaxing walk along the Paseo de Campello in San Juan, Alicante. This promenade that runs along the extensive beach of Carrer La Mar is the main focus of animation of El Campello, especially during the summer, when the beach is full of beach bars and you can even have a drink in the evening on the soft sand.

El Campello

Photo: El Campello - Author: www.elcampelloturismo.com

Altea on the other hand is famous for its architecture and cobbled streets. The Old Town of Altea is a place that treasures a beautiful cultural heritage where you can discover historical buildings, churches, visit museums and monuments. Throughout the tour we can enjoy many natural viewpoints where you can contemplate beautiful views of the city.

Calles de Altea

Photo: Altea - Author: www.traveler.es / © Getty Images

If you’re looking for more exciting and adventurous activities for your guests than you’re lucky because these two cities offer plenty. Altea has Aitana safari, where you’ll be able to enjoy a wild experience in spectacular surroundings. If you’re more into the sea life, take advantage of the beautiful waters of Altea and take up all the day with activities such as snorkeling or going on a boat tour.

Isla de Tabarca

Photo: Isla de Tabarca - Author: www.alicanteturismo.com
Author: www.alicanteturismo.com

And to spice the evening, take your guests to the main areas of fun to Alicante  located in the neighborhoods of El Puerto and El Barrio. Here is where the vibrant nightlife begins. There are plenty of live music bars and during the summer, the nightlife of Alicante moves towards the sea, where there are many more bars and beach parties.

Playa San Juan Alicante

Photo: Playa San Juan, Alicante - Author: www.alicanteturismo.com
  Castillo Santa Bárbara
Photo: Castillo Santa Bárbara, Alicante - Author: www.alicanteturismo.com
  San Juan Alicante
Photo: Saint John's day, Alicante - Author: www.alicanteturismo.com

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