Eco weddings

20 February 2021

Every day it is more important we be aware of our planet as it is what we all truly have and therefore it is our responsibility.

We are more and more awareness every day and we apply it to our work and we are proud  to become one of the values of our company.

We give you some of the things we have done and we would love  if you told us what more actions we could do.

1.- Raw material and the best quality. We prepare in the election of the raw material,  for example the way they treat animals we take it into account when we choose our providers. There is specific raw material that we don´t use as it’s the foie, after knowing how the companies treat the goose

2.- We reduce food waste, this is an ecological and profitable target. We make an audit of our food and we only buy what we are going to consume in the wedding.

3.-  We offer a wide variety in vegetarian and vegan dishes.

4.- We separate materials for recycling, this an evident proof of our ecological awareness. We train our team to do proper waste management.

5.- We limit the use of paper and prioritize digital formats. Printed catalogs are replaced by digital copies, more practical and respectful with the environment.If we use paper, it is recycled for example when we put the menu printed that the couple have chosen for each guest or in the seating

6.- We reduce the plastic consumption as much as we can and we use disposable material, specially at the cocktail.

7.- We transmit our values to our team.

We intend to do our bit to take care of the most precious treasure that we all have, which is our planet.

And transmit these values wherever we go, and whom we work with, from suppliers, couples, team,….

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