Cala Clemence in Javea

10 December 2020

Since we decided to start working with destination weddings, we have been offering a lot of services to our clients, from the venue, catering, make up, photogrpher, ….but we have seen that all the clients are looking for the same thing and demand the same thing , and it is to get married on the beach, therefore our main goal is to get the best venues with a background´s mediterranean.




Today we are going to talk about a beautiful venue that we loved , its named Cala Clemence, and it is base on Javea , at Cala del Portixot Its a gorgeous  área where you are able to see in the back a liitle island, on the other side a marvellous mountain with a lot of wilderness and in the beach área there are several White little houses with their blue doors with the walls all White . from the first momento we had a great connection with the owner of the vennue , marta, due to this and that the venue was gorgeus we decided to start working together strait away.




When we saw Cala Clemence we fall in love, and we imagined making spectaculars weddings there, for this reason we wanted to make a shooting so all of you could see a Little but of this wonderfull place therefor you could imagine how would it look like celebrating your wedding here.


The decoration that we chose was in blue and with stripes, it was the most appropiate.

We show you a dessert bufet  with beach motifs, you can put in your wedding



All the decoration was made by Maria Jose, she is a close friend a partnetship, her Company is Cumpli2 and the photographer is Miriam Alegria, she is a very famous influencer and one the best photgrapher around the Mediterranean área.


We show you some pics of this nice day, and i asure you are falling in love with this place like i did. I know its not the same seeing picture because they dont ake justice to what it really looks like



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