Beach wedding

27 April 2021



I was born, grew up and spent my adolescence in this gorgeous city located between two seas. On one side, we have the Mediterranean Sea and on the other side we have “ el mar menor , which is perfect for watersports.

I know La Manga like the palm of my hand: all the beaches you that you must visit, the best restaurants, the night life and all the open-air cafés and bars on the beaches.

 As I’ve said on different occasions more and more clients are asking us for places where they can celebrate their wedding on the beach, and for this reason I decided on this place.

 Here, we can celebrate the civil ceremony on the beach, right on the sand. I like it because it is in the Mar Menor, which is perfect because it is not usually windy, and that is an advantage on the beach.

Once the ceremony is over, the banquet will take place under an “atalan”, which is a typical structure found in Caribbean hotels.

A large table can be set up, where you and your guests will sit together, and micro-bulb lighting can be installed, which creating a magical atmosphere.

Then for the open bar we set up another area, and you can enjoy yourself here until you drop.

In this shooting, once again, we wanted to count on our team decorators, make-up artists, hairdressers, as well as wedding dress, accessories and furniture and lighting hire. We want to convey to our clients the peace of mind and confidence that they are in the best hands, since we are a great team of professionals.

Wedding planner : @thewedery

Decoration: @unatiquismiquis

Photograph: @enfok2fotografia

Make up : @mcelestemartinez

flower: @colorandemotions

Furniture: @alquilereskava

Venue: @maloka

dress: @maisonportocole

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