Beach or garden wedding ?

12 July 2021

Beach wedding or garden wedding ?

 When couples think about having a Spanish wedding, the first idea that comes to mind is a beach wedding. And that is to be expected because we have one of the most important jewels, which is our Mediterranean Beach. But, when they contact us, we like to advise them, and for this reason we offer them the option of a garden wedding as well.

 There are two different concepts. On the one hand, when we organise a wedding on the beach,  the civil ceremony is held on the sand and then we have both the cocktail and lunch in the restaurant. The beach wedding is celebrated in a gorgeous restaurant with a very  Mediterranean environment. It is usual to use white and blue tones, and the decoration follows maritime trends. They are simple weddings in terms of  decoration since the greatest value is provided by the views of the Mediterranean and the sunset.

On the other hand,  we have the weddings which are held in gardens, and, normally, this type of wedding is more glamorous, but here the decoration is really important. For these weddings, a lot the flowers and lighting with micro bulbs are used. Normally, these weddings are done by a catering company, not by a restaurant, and the menu is more elaborate and chic. In Spain we call this kind of menu  Signature Cuisine

The venues with gardens have large lawns where we set up the different parts of the wedding. The civil ceremony is under the pergola covered in a flower arrangement and elegant furniture. Then we move to the cocktail, which is set in another area, normally under the trees, where the shade means the temperature is lower, in fact, 10 degrees cooler, and in Spain this a luxury. And finally, the banquet is set in an open area, with a wild grass area and hundreds of micro bulbs over the tables, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Like a conclusion, we like to meet to our clients and listen their ideas, but we always give them more options, because we know magnifies areas that we want to share with them.

Photographer beach wedding: @enfoca2

Photographer garden wedding: @lakuriosa

Venues: Maloka ( La Manga Del Mar Menor ) @fincaranramonelche ( Elche )

Flowers: @colorsandemotion

Furniture: @alquilereskava

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