Aurora & Nacho, Luxury wedding

Halloween luxury

The couple wanted a wedding was marked by luxury at all times; the main feature is that there Moet Chandon pink throughout the event.

At the cocktail we set up a corner where two waiters served this magnificent champagne all the guests. The Moët was present until the end of the open bar. Therefore, we make a menu to make pairing with champagne.

The wedding was held on October 31, so all the decor had a Hallowen accent; pumpkins, cats, orange colors, brown, fireplaces ...

We made a setting with pumpkins, accompanied by a sweet snack with pumpkin cookies, donuts, crosissants ...

The floral decoration had very autumnal colors and flower variety.

We served elaborate cocktail snacks; as Martini glass with mashed potatoes, low-temperature egg, mushrooms, foie gras and truffle oil. A space of cheese, cold cherry soup, vegetable puff pastry with roasted vegetables and anchovies, all very Mediterranean.choas, very mediterranean everything.

  • Catering: Dalua
  • Venue: Torre Bosch
  • Decoration: Cumpli2
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