I feel eternally grateful for the experiences I have shared with my couples this hard year, to have been trusted to do my thing, treated as if I were family,  and to have made so many incredible friends.  I am overcome with emotion writing this, because this year has not only been everything I wanted professionally, but also personally. I am growing to become the person I want to be: satisfied, curious, creative, present, connected.  

The wedding I have chosen today, has a perfect balance of grace, sensibility and warmth. The couple wed in an old Spanish Colonial house, surrounded by wild for forest . The couple, in their first years of parenthood, wanted a space to share with their guests and reconnect with friends and family who they no longer see so often. They asked for simplicity without losing elegance, the key elements used to style the wedding were, foraged foliage, wild earthy florals, restored wood and naturally dyed linens.  

The mood and ambience of the celebration shifts as each new space is revealed, design is more than visual, design takes you into another world. 

It was a typical Mediterranean wedding, where the ham could not be missing, as it is common in the weddings in Spain. We always tell our couples that we adapt at their needs.

When you design, you must feel a little bit uncomfortable. When you feel uncomfortable and alone, you know you are doing something right.

- Abstract: the art of design

Photographer: @lakuriosa

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