Wedding among olive trees

    This wedding was held in November, we had a wonderful sun and an ideal temperature. All the guests were wearing very trendy headdresses because when the event is half a day is a perfcet complement for the ideal outfit. Mauve and Golden tones were the most chosen colours on that day Once again the catering company was in charge of Dalua Catering : Dalua Decoration : Tul y chocolate Venue : El Torrero Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-2476 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-2479 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-2736 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-2822 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-2853 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-2879 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-2890 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-3227 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-3252 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-3300 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-3339 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-3345 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-3353 Clarooscuro-Eduardo-y-Desiree-3615

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