Mediterranean´s sky

                    Today we feel like showing you yhe lovely sky we enjoy every single day of the year n our country. It is always a success to make a wedding in the Mediterranean sea since the light here is magic. This wedding took place in a little hotel, the bride and groom used to spend holidays in Ibiza and they wanted on the day of their wedding the atmosphere they had there and so we did. The catering, as always in charge of Dalua, was the end point for the guests to be very happy, since if we gather good weather, beautiful place and excellent gastronomy what makes success is assured.   A hug   The Wedery     Pablo y Ruth-4273 Pablo y Ruth-3930 Pablo y Ruth-3504 Pablo y Ruth-3492 Pablo y Ruth-3477 Pablo y Ruth-3364 Pablo y Ruth-3356 Pablo y Ruth-3353 Pablo y Ruth-3325 Pablo y Ruth-3100 Pablo y Ruth-3073 Pablo y Ruth-3066 Pablo y Ruth-3007 Pablo y Ruth-2995 Pablo y Ruth-2991 Pablo y Ruth-2986 Pablo y Ruth-2247 Pablo y Ruth-1631 Pablo y Ruth-1530 Pablo y Ruth-309 Pablo y Ruth-26

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